Sample Lesson
A Smart Way to Pay
Joseph Calpin

There is an app for everything! There are apps for your smartphone to pay for things. You can choose from many different ones. They are getting more popular. In some places, people don’t use cash when they shop. They connect their bank account to an app. When it is time to pay, they just pull out their phone. They use it like a credit card. It is a very convenient method. But not every store accepts this way of paying.


Conversation A

(in the office)

Tina:    Well, that was easy!

Greg:   What was?

Tina:    I used my phone to send money to a friend’s bank account.

Greg:   That kind of app is so convenient. I use it a lot.

Tina:    But it took a long time to connect my account.

Greg:   But once you connect, using the app is easy.

Tina:    It is! I can’t wait to try it at a store later.


Conversation B

Greg:   My app is great for shopping. I don’t use cash much now.

Tina:    Do a lot of stores accept these apps?

Greg:   Some do. Some don’t.

Tina:    That’s not very convenient.

Greg:    It isn’t. But stores are starting to accept more of these kinds of apps.

Tina:    They should. In the future, more people will use this method to pay for things.

Greg:    I think so, too.



1. What doesn’t Greg use much now?

2. Do you ever use an app to pay for things? Which one do you use?