Sample Lesson
I Have the Best Mom!
Ruth Devlin

You can use many words to describe your mother. Does she do nice things for you and others? Then she is kind.  Does your mother always wait for you and listen to you? Then she is patient. Does your mother always give you good advice? Then she is wise. Does your mother give time or money to help you or others? Then she is generous. Can she think of new ways to solve problems? Then she is clever. How would you describe your mother?


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

James: Susie, do you have a pen? Mine doesn’t work.

Susie:  Sure, James. Here you go.

James: Thanks. I want to write something on this card and mail it to my mom.

Susie:  That’s right! Mother’s Day is on Sunday.

James: Tell me about your mom. What do you appreciate most about her?

Susie:  Hmm . . . my mom is kind and patient. She always has time to listen.

James: My mom is patient, too.


Conversation B

Susie:   My mom is also generous. She’s always giving something to someone.

James: My mom is, too. She cooks meals and takes them to people.

Susie:  And my mom is clever. She thinks of new ways to solve problems.

James: My mom does, too.

Susie:  We both have amazing mothers!

James: Yes! My mom is the best mom in the world.

Susie:  No, my mom is.

James: No, my mom is.



1. Why does James need a pen?

2. What do you appreciate most about your mother?