Sample Lesson
Be Safe in the Water
Ruth Devlin

It’s nice to go for a swim on a hot summer day. You can go to a swimming pool, the ocean, a lake or a river. Knowledge of water safety can help you avoid accidents. Learn to swim first. If you can’t swim well, wear a life jacket. Try to swim in places with a lifeguard. When you go swimming, don’t push others, hold them under the water, or jump on them. And never dive into water when you can’t see the bottom.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

James: Boy, it’s hot today, Susie.

Susie:  It’s even hotter than yesterday. It’s a perfect day for swimming.

James: Great idea! Let’s go swimming after work!

Susie:  Where?

James: I like the ocean. But it’s too far away.

Susie:  Let’s go to a place with a lifeguard. I can’t swim very well.

James: You can wear a life jacket.

Susie:  I often do. I want to avoid an accident!


Conversation B

James: You need some knowledge of water safety.

Susie:  Yes. Everyone should know basic water safety rules.

James: Some people know them, but they don’t follow them.

Susie:  I know. I see kids pushing their friends into the water.

James: Or jumping on them.

Susie:  You shouldn’t do that.

James: And never dive into water when you can’t see the bottom.

Susie:  Right. That’s a bad idea.



  1. 1. Where does Susie want to swim?

2. Where do you like to swim?