Sample Lesson
Good and Bad Habits
Manya Cramer

We all have habits. Some habits are good. What are your good habits? Do you eat breakfast every day? That is a good habit. Breakfast is an important meal. Do you get enough sleep? Most people need at least eight hours of sleep. Do you read? You can learn a lot from books! Are you responsible with your time? You only have 24 hours in a day. Don’t waste it.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Matt:     Hi, Alice. How are you?

Alice:   Hey, Matt. I’m terrific! How about you?

Matt:    Not so good. I’m very tired.

Alice:   That’s too bad. Are you getting enough sleep?

Matt:    Probably not. I often watch TV shows late at night. They’re so good!

Alice:   Then you don’t get enough sleep.

Matt:    No. And I’m wasting time, too.


Conversation B

Alice:   I don’t watch TV shows late at night. That’s not a good habit.

Matt:    I know.

Alice:   I only watch TV on the weekends.

Matt:    That’s very responsible.

Alice:   Try it. Start a good habit.

Matt:    OK. I do have other good habits.

Alice:   Like what?

Matt:    I eat breakfast every day.

Alice:   Good for you. Breakfast is an important meal.



1. When does Alice watch TV?

2. What are some of your good habits?