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Ruth Devlin

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  Rob and Sandy Sport are talking about bowling*. Sandy goes bowling every week. Bowling is challenging. You roll a ball and try to knock* down all ten pins*. If your ball knocks down all the pins, you throw a strike*. Bowling balls can be heavy. Your bowling ball should be about 10 percent of your body weight*.


Conversation A

(in the studio)

Rob:     Welcome to the program, Sandy Sport.

Sandy:  Thank you, Rob. What sport are we talking about today?

Rob:     Let’s talk about bowling*!

Sandy:  Bowling is fun! I go bowling every week.

Rob:     You must really enjoy it!

Sandy:  I do. It’s very challenging. In bowling, you roll a ball down a lane.

Rob:     And you try to knock* down all 10 pins*.


Conversation B

Sandy:  If you knock all the pins down, you throw a strike*.

Rob:     Do you get a lot of points for a strike?

Sandy:  Yes, you do. If you can get a lot of strikes, you can win.

Rob:     Are bowling balls heavy?

Sandy:  Some of them are. Your ball should be about 10 percent

of your body weight*.

Rob:     Really! I didn’t know that.



  1. 1. Are bowling balls heavy?


2. Do you like bowling? Why or why not?

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