Sample Lesson
Let's Order Some Food
Gordon Jump

January 17

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  Alex and Matt are hungry. They are going to order* some pizza. What kind* of pizza should they order? They decide on a four-cheese pizza.

  Susie and James are looking at the Jungle Café’s tea selection. The Jungle Café sells* four kinds of tea. They have black tea, green tea, mint tea and peach* tea.


Conversation A

(in the office)

Alex:     Matt, are you hungry?

Matt:     Yes! Let’s order* some pizza.

Alex:     Good idea! I could eat two pizzas by myself.

Matt:     You are hungry! What kind* of pizza should we order?

Alex:     Let’s get one with lots of cheese.

Matt:     We could get a large four-cheese pizza. That’s a pizza with four kinds of cheese.

Alex:     Excellent. I love cheese!


Conversation B

(in the Jungle Café)

Susie:   What would you like to drink, James?

James: Well, I’m looking at the Jungle Café’s menu.

Susie:   How many teas do they sell*?

James: They sell four kinds of tea: Black tea, green tea, mint tea and a fruit tea.

Susie:   All those teas sound good. Which one do you want?

James: I want the fruit tea. It’s a peach* tea.



  1. Which tea does James want to drink?

2. Which tea from the Jungle Café menu would you order?

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