Sample Lesson
The Bank
Stephanie Lim

Everyone needs money. We buy things with it. We pay bills with it. Where do you keep your money? Some people store cash at home. But that isn’t always safe. Someone can steal it. Other people keep money in a bank. That is a safe place. A large amount of money is safe in the bank. Money can also grow in a bank. It earns interest. And everyone likes more money!


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Susie:   James, please sit down. What’s wrong?

James: I have a lot of money here. Where can I keep it? I need a good place.

Susie:   You can give it to me. I can store it for you.

James: No, you might spend it! I can put it in my desk.

Susie:   That’s not a safe place. Someone may steal it.


Conversation B

James: I can go to the bank at lunch time. A large amount of money is safe in the bank.

Susie:   That’s a good idea. Money in the bank can also earn interest.

James: I know. But it doesn’t earn much interest!

Susie:   Well, the bank is still a safe place.

James: True. Stealing money from a bank is not easy.



  1. Where can James go at lunch time?

  2. Where do you keep your money?

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