Sample Lesson
Stay Cool
Joseph Calpin

  Summer is here! The weather is very hot. People get thirsty. They can enjoy many nice drinks in the summer. Some people drink iced tea or iced coffee. Others like soda or slushies. Still others like fruit juice or lemonade with ice. People often put other fruit into lemonade. Strawberry lemonade is very popular. Many people also enjoy bubble tea. Any kind of cold drink can be nice in summer!


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Matt:     Hi, Taylor. It’s so hot today. I’m really thirsty.

Taylor:  I am, too. It is hot! Have a cold drink.

Matt:     Great idea. What are you drinking?

Taylor:  I’m drinking an iced tea. It’s really good.

Matt:     I don’t really like iced tea.

Taylor:  They also have iced coffee, soda and slushies.

Matt:     Hmm, maybe I want a soda.


Conversation B

Taylor:  Soda is OK, but it isn’t good for you. You can try some bubble tea.

Matt:     No. I don’t want bubble tea. Do they have lemonade?

Taylor:  They do! The Jungle Café makes its own lemonade.

Matt:     Is it good?

Taylor:  Yes. They put strawberries in it.

Matt:     I love strawberry lemonade! I want that.



  1. What does the Jungle Café make?

2. What is your favorite summer drink?

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