Sample Lesson
A New School Year
Joseph Calpin

  School time is here again! Students buy school supplies and books. They get new school clothes or uniforms. At school, they have new teachers. They see old classmates. They meet new classmates, too.

  Every student has a favorite subject. Some like math. Others like art or history. Some like science or P.E. But for elementary school students, recess is often their favorite time of the school day!


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Tina:     Hi, Matt! Are you busy today?

Matt:     Yes, my classes start soon.

Tina:     My friend’s daughter is starting school soon, too!

Matt:     Fun! What grade is she in?

Tina:     She’s in third grade. She is at a new elementary school.

Matt:     She can meet new friends and a new teacher.

Tina:     And she has a new uniform! She loves it.


Conversation B

Matt:     What is her favorite subject?

Tina:     She loves math. She also likes science.

Matt:     Science was my favorite subject.

Tina:     Art was my favorite subject.

Matt:     Art class was a lot of fun.

Tina:     P.E. is another good class. You can play games with friends.

Matt:     But almost every elementary school student really loves recess!

Tina:     I know!



  1. What was Tina’s favorite subject?

2. What is your favorite subject in school?

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