Sample Lesson
I Need New Shoes
Manya Cramer

  People often need new shoes. Some people walk a lot. Their shoes wear out quickly. Some people buy shoes online. Online shoe stores usually have a lot of choices. But you can’t try on the shoes. They may not fit. The shoes may be too tight. Or the shoes may rub your feet. That is not good. Wear comfortable shoes. They keep your feet happy.


Conversation A

(in the office)

James: Hi Tina. Is everything OK?

Tina:     No, there’s something wrong with my shoe.

James: There’s a hole in your shoe! Do you wear those shoes a lot?

Tina:     Yes. And I walk in them a lot.

James: Shoes can wear out quickly.

Tina:     Hmm. Maybe I need new shoes.

James: Yes, you do. You can’t wear those shoes now.


Conversation B

Tina:     I can buy new shoes at the shoe store.

James: I buy my shoes online. It’s very easy.

Tina:     Really? I never buy shoes online.

James: Online shoe stores have a lot of choices.

Tina:     Yes, but you can’t try on the shoes.

James: Then just go to a shoe store.

Tina:     That’s my plan. My shoes have to fit!



  1. What is wrong with Tina’s shoes?

  2. Where do you buy shoes?

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