Sample Lesson
Too Much Spam
Joseph Calpin

  When you open your email, you see many messages. Some of them are from family or friends. Others may be from people at work. But many are unwanted. These messages are spam, also called junk mail. Spam can be health offers for new skin care or ways to lose weight. Some spam can be about money. It may offer low-interest loans or credit cards. Spam bothers people. No one likes it. What percentage of email is spam? Some say more than 80 percent!


Conversation A

(in the office)

Matt:     I get a lot of email, but most of it is junk.

James: I do, too. I really don’t like receiving so much spam.

Matt:     A big percentage of email is unwanted messages.

James: Most of my email is unwanted messages. I must get 100 a day!

Matt:     Right. So I prefer to use different messaging apps.

James: They have less spam! That’s good.


Conversation B

Matt:     I receive offers for loans and credit cards by email.

James: Lots of people get spam about money.

Matt:     It bothers me. I don’t even want a loan.

James: There are so many kinds of junk email.

Matt:     What kind of spam do you get?

James: Well, last week I got an email about new skin care products.

Matt:     You don’t need them. Your skin looks great!        



1. What kind of spam does Matt get?

2. What kind of spam do you get?

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