Sample Lesson
Let's Bike!
Ruth Devlin

Biking is one way to experience the beauty of Taiwan. The Taiwan Cycling Festival organizes many events during the year. Light Up Taiwan is one special challenge in late summer. In it, riders bike to lighthouses on the farthest points north, south, east and west on the island. Riders can take their time and visit the four locations on a two-to three-day ride. There are other challenges for more experienced riders. Explore Taiwan by bicycle and see the beauty of these four points.


Conversation A

(in the office)

Taylor:  Hey, James, What are you looking at?

James: My friend did a bike ride last summer. He sent me some photos.

Taylor:  Where did he ride?

James: In Taiwan! He explored Taiwan by bike. He went on a ride to lighthouses on the farthest points of the island.

Taylor:  You mean the farthest points north, south, east and west?

James: Yes! That sounds really fun!


Conversation B

Taylor:  I’d love to explore Taiwan by bike. The island has a lot of natural beauty.

James: I know. My friend told me about the Taiwan Cycling Festival.

Taylor:  What’s that?

James: It organizes cycling events and challenges in Taiwan.

Taylor:  And the ride to the lighthouses is one?

James: Yes. It’s called Light Up Taiwan. I’d like to do it sometime.

Taylor:  And I’ll go with you!



  1. 1. What does the Taiwan Cycling Festival do?

2. Do you like cycling? Why or why not?

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