Sample Lesson
Who's the Thief?
Ruth Devlin


Laura went to Nick’s home.

He showed her a picture of the necklace.

It was gold and had diamonds in it.
“We must find it,” said Nick.

“It’s my wife’s favorite necklace.

Not only that, but it’s worth a lot of money!”
“Let me talk to everyone,” said Laura.

She talked to Nick’s uncle first.

“Where were you around 2 o’clock?”asked Laura.
“I was in the living room watching a movie,” said the uncle.

“Several people saw me there.”

Next, Laura asked the cook where she was.
“I was very busy,” said the cook.

“ I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

I was trying to cook everything so it would be ready at the same time.”

“That’s not easy,” said Laura.
“It’s not!” said the cook.

“I wouldn’t have had time to leave the kitchen.

My food must be perfect when I serve it!”

“I’m sure you’re a very good cook,” said Laura.
“I am the best,” answered the cook.


“Ask anyone in the family.”

Laura talked to the cleaning lady.
“After lunch I was washing clothes,” she said.

“I was too busy to leave the laundry room.”
“So you were there the whole afternoon?” asked Laura.
“Yes,” said the cleaning lady.

“Mr. and Mrs. Adams saw me several times.”
After talking to the cleaning lady, Laura talked to Nick again.
“So who is the thief?” asked Nick.
“I’m not sure,” said Laura. “But I’m going to talk to the cook again. She’s lying.”
How did Laura know the cook was lying?


1. What was Nick’s uncle doing?
2. Do you ever lie? When?




Answer: The necklace was stolen around 2:00 in the afternoon. The cook said she was cooking breakfast. But 2:00 is too late for breakfast, so the cook was lying.

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