Sample Lesson
My Plate
Ruth Devlin


May 8 – Medium

  What is on your plate or tray? Do you eat many different foods? Your body needs many different foods. You get different nutrients from each food. There are six food groups:

  1. grains and starchy vegetables

  2. protein: beans, fish, eggs and meat

  3. vegetables

  4. fruit

  5. dairy: milk, cheese and yogurt

  6. fats, oils, nuts and seeds

  Eat food from each of these groups at every meal. Choose local foods when you can. Eat right, and your body will thank you!


Conversation A

(in the lunch room)

Taylor:     Hi, Tina. What are you having for lunch?

Tina: Just look at my tray.

Taylor:     Aren’t you having any fruit or vegetables?

Tina:   What do you mean? I have three vegetables: corn, pumpkin and potatoes.

Taylor:  Those don’t count. Those are starchy vegetables. Your body needs nutrients from dark green vegetables.

Tina:    I know. But I don’t feel like eating those vegetables right now.


Conversation B

Taylor:  You should still eat them. They’re good for you.

Tina:    But I’m eating other good food. I have tofu and chicken here.

Taylor:  That’s healthy. Good protein.

Tina: And I had dairy for breakfast. I ate yogurt.

Taylor:     So did I.

Tina:    Plus I have an apple and pumpkin seeds for an afternoon snack.

Taylor:     Then eat lots of green vegetables for dinner.

Tina: OK, I’ll do that.



  1. What will Tina have for an afternoon snack?

  2. What do you usually eat for a snack?

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