Sample Lesson
Stationery Store
Manya Cramer

Stationery stores sell many fun things. Do you like pencils? Stationery stores have many different kinds. You can find cute erasers, too. Some look like animals or food. You can also find pencil sharpeners. Do you want a pen? Stationery stores have many kinds. You can buy a pen with almost any color ink. Do you draw? You can buy colored pencils at a stationery store, too.


Conversation A

(in the office)

Matt:    Hey, Tina. Is that chocolate?

Tina:    No. It’s an eraser!

Matt:    What? That can’t be right.

Tina:    It really is! I have animal erasers, too.

Matt:    Where do you buy these things?

Tina:    I buy them at the stationery store.

Matt:    You also have a lot of pencils.

Tina:    Yes, I do. But I need a pencil sharpener.


Conversation B

Matt:    Maybe you can buy a pencil sharpener at the stationery store.

Tina:    I can. Do you need anything?

Matt:    I need some colored pencils and a pen with purple ink.

Tina:    What are they for?

Matt:    I’m working on an art project.

Tina:    Thats fun.

Matt:    Not for me. I can’t draw very well.

Tina:    I can help you.

Matt:    Great! Thanks!



  1. 1. What doesn’t Tina have?

2. What do you buy at the stationery store?

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