Sample Lesson
Let's Hike!
Ruth Devlin

What do you do outdoors? Some people hike. Hiking is fun. It is good exercise. You can enjoy nature. There are hiking trails in many places. You can hike up a hill. You can hike through a forest. You can hike along a river or around a lake. You can hike up a mountain. The trail may be steep. But you can usually enjoy the view.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Tina:    Do you like hiking, Greg?

Greg:   Yes! I love hiking. It’s great exercise.

Tina:    I like hiking, too. There are some good hiking trails around here.

Greg:   Where do they go?

Tina:    Some trails go through the forest. Others go up and down hills.

Greg:   I like hiking in many places.

Tina:    Me, too. Maybe we can go on a hike sometime.


Conversation B

Greg:   Can we hike in the mountains?

Tina:    Sure! I know a really good trail. My husband and I often hike it.

Greg:   Is it a steep trail?

Tina:    Yes, it is. But we don’t hike very fast.

Greg:   That’s good. Is there a nice view from the mountain?

Tina:    Oh, yes! It’s beautiful.

Greg:   Great! Let’s go soon!



  1. 1. Where do Tina and her husband often hike?

  2. 2. Do you like hiking?