Sample Lesson
The Beauty of National Parks
Joseph Calpin

Amazing landscapes and natural beauty attract visitors. Many countries create national parks to protect these beautiful areas. They want everyone to enjoy these places for many years. The natural wonders in national parks are often found nowhere else. Almost 100 countries have national parks, and the people are very proud of them. National parks preserve the best of the world’s natural places. Take time to visit national parks and enjoy their wonders.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Greg:   We need a good idea for the show next month.

Susie:  What kind of story do you want to do?

Greg:   I want to share about places to travel.

Susie:  How about national parks?

Greg:   Good idea. They attract many visitors.

Susie:  That’s because they’re such beautiful areas.

Greg:   We should also talk about saving natural places!

Susie:  Yes! That will be an interesting program!


Conversation B

Greg:   People are really proud of the parks in their countries.

Susie:   That’s because national parks have many natural wonders in them.

Greg:    Yes. And those are often found nowhere else.

Susie:  People work hard to preserve them.

Greg:    Yes. That’s another good story.

Susie:  All right, Greg. We have a lot of good ideas now.

Greg:    But we still need to choose some parks to talk about!



  1. 1. What are people really proud of?

2. Do you ever go to national parks? Which one?