Sample Lesson
Keeping a Journal
Joseph Calpin

Do you keep a journal? Writing regularly improves your writing. It also helps you organize your thoughts. When you write something down, you can make your ideas easier to understand. Keeping a journal can also help you remember things. It’s your own personal story. Did you do something exciting? Did you make a big mistake? Write about it. Later you can read your journal. You can remember those things and learn from them. Also write down important information. Then you won’t forget it.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

James: You keep a journal, Tina? I didn’t know that.

Tina:    Well, I don’t write regularly, but I write when I can.

James: So what do you write about?

Tina:    My journal is my personal story. I like writing about my trips.

James: Then your journal must be really interesting. You travel a lot.

Tina:    My journal helps me remember all of those places.


Conversation B

James: Do you just write about your trips?

Tina:    No. Sometimes I write down my thoughts about things.

James: I see. Writing them down helps you to organize them.

Tina:    Yes! And I won’t forget important things.

James: That does sound pretty helpful.

Tina:    It is. Do you keep a journal, James?

James: No, but maybe I should. I need to improve my writing.

Tina:    Give it a try!


Questions :

  1. 1. Does James keep a journal?

2. Do you write in a journal? What do you write about?