Sample Lesson
Seeing the Northern Lights
Ruth Devlin

Nature puts on an amazing light show in the night sky around the North Pole. Bright, green lights dance in the sky. Sometimes they are red, orange or purple. These are the northern lights. Towns across Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada invite you to come and enjoy them. To see them best, you need a clear, dark night. The lights take many forms. They can be a moving blanket of light or look like a laser show. But they are always marvelous!


Conversation A

(in the office)

Tina:    Hi, Susie. What are you doing?

Susie:  I’m thinking about taking a trip. Look at these pictures of the northern


Tina:    Wow! I’d love to watch them dance in the sky.

Susie:  Me, too. They’re in the sky around the North Pole.

Tina:    I know. You can also see them in many places in Scandinavia, Alaska and


Susie:  I’d like to go any of those places.


Conversation B

Tina:    Are the northern lights always green?

Susie:  No. They can also be red, orange or purple. To see them best, you need a clear, dark night.

Tina:    Cool! This picture looks like a blanket of light in the sky.

Susie:  The northern lights can take many forms. They can look like that or like a laser show.

Tina:    When you go and see them, I’ll go with you!



  1. 1. What do you need to see the northern lights best?

2. Would you rather travel to Canada, Alaska or Scandinavia? Why?