Sample Lesson
Enjoy Hot Pot
Joseph Calpin

Hot pot is a popular way to cook food. Many people around the world enjoy it during the cold winter. But some people eat it even in the summer. Where did hot pot first come from? In one story, horsemen from Mongolia were the first to make hot pot. They boiled lamb in their helmets. That was more than 1,000 years ago. Then people in China started to eat hot pot. They used many different kinds of meat and flavors in their hot pot.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Tina:    Hey, James! I tried hot pot for the first time yesterday.

James: That’s great! I love hot pot. How did you like it?

Tina:    The meat was delicious. I had beef. And my husband had lamb.

James: Hot pot restaurants have so many choices of meat.

Tina:    They do! I want to eat hot pot again soon.

James: You should. It’s a perfect dish in winter.


Conversation B

Tina:    When did people start eating hot pot?

James: Well, probably more than 1,000 years ago.

Tina:    That’s a long time ago!

James: Yes. There is a story about horsemen from Mongolia. They boiled lamb in their helmets.

Tina:    They cooked food in their helmets? Interesting!

James: Yes. And very convenient. Then the Chinese started to enjoy hot pot.

Tina:    And now we can enjoy it!



  1. 1. When did people start eating hot pot?

2. How often do you eat hot pot?