Sample Lesson
Party Time!
Maria Chiu

  Parties are a lot of fun. You can host a movie night. People come and watch a movie together. You can also invite your friends for a game night. Then you can all play games. A potluck is another kind of party. Everyone brings a dish to a potluck. Then everyone can enjoy many different foods. People have holiday parties, too. Or they celebrate an event with a party. A birthday party or graduation party is fun. 


Find It

Who likes movie nights and game nights?


Conversation A

(in the office)  

James:  What are you doing?  

Megan: I’m planning a card party. I’m inviting some friends to my house.

James:  That’s great! Parties are so much fun.

Megan: Yes. We always have a good time.  

James:  I like holiday parties. The food is always great!

Megan: I know. I also like birthday parties and graduation parties. 

James:  You can celebrate any special event with a party!


Conversation B

James:  What kind of parties do you like?  

Megan: I like movie nights and game nights.

James:  Yes. Those are great! I really like potlucks 

Megan: What do you like about them? 

James:  Well, I can host a potluck. But I don’t have to cook all the food!  

Megan: Right. Everyone brings a dish.

James:  Yes. Then everyone can try many different foods.    



1.What is Megan doing?

2. What is your favorite kind of party?