Sample Lesson
I Need Winter Clothes
Ruth Devlin

Winter is here. It’s cold outside! In some places, winter brings snow. There also may be ice on the ground. People have to wear warm clothes. Then they can be warm. They can wear sweaters. They need a winter coat and boots, too. Then they can spend time outside and be comfortable.   

Find It

What does Sara have to buy?


Conversation A

(in the office)

Greg:     Hi, are you Sara? I’m Greg. Welcome to LTE TV!

Sara:      Thank you. It’s nice to meet you, Greg.

Greg:   Where are you from?

Sara:      I’m from Southern California.

Greg:   Is it nice and warm there all year?

Sara:   Yes, it is. But it’s so cold here! I have to buy some winter clothes!

Greg:     You do! You need some warm sweaters.


Conversation B

Sara:      I need a winter coat and some boots, too.

Greg:     You do. We get snow here in winter. You have to wear warm clothes.

Sara:      Yes. I get cold easily. Where can I buy some warm clothes?

Greg:     There are many places. You have to meet Julie. She knows good places. She shops a lot.

Sara:      Great! I look forward to it.



1. What does Sara need?

2. What clothes do you wear in winter?