Sample Lesson
Staying in a Hotel
Maria Chiu

February 7 – Medium 

  How do you choose a hotel? You may pick a hotel by its star rating. Hotels with two or three stars have small and simple rooms. They also don’t offer many services. Five-star hotels are the best and the most expensive. The rooms are large and have nice bathrooms. They offer many services, too. Book the hotel that’s right for you.


Find It

Why is Greg looking at hotels? 

Conversation A  

(in the office)  

Greg:          Julie, take a look at this hotel room.  

Julie: It looks very nice. Are you going on a vacation soon?  

Greg:          No. I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. I'm trying to choose a hotel. 

Julie: What is that hotel’s star rating

Greg:          It’s a four-star hotel, so it’s a little expensive.  

Julie: Well, both the room and the bathroom look really nice. 

Greg:          I think so, too.


Conversation B   

Julie: What about that hotel?  

Greg:          The rooms look a little smaller than the other ones. 

Julie: You’re right. The room looks simpler, too. 

Greg:          This hotel is not as expensive. It only has three stars.    

Julie: But, look, it has a swimming pool.   

Greg:          That’s always nice. 

Julie: And it has many good reviews.

Greg:          Maybe I’ll book a room at this hotel. 



1. What does the three-star hotel have? 

2. How do you choose a hotel to stay in?