Sample Lesson
Beautiful Bangkok
Manya Cramer

March 9 – Medium

  There’s a lot to do in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand’s largest city. In the morning, make your way to a floating market. There, people sell things from boats! Next, go to the Grand Palace. Thai kings lived here for 150 years. Enjoy walking around the palace grounds and learning about its history. At night, walk around the busy streets of Bangkok. Taste some of the delicious local dishes.


Find It

Where did Sara go?


Conversation A

(in the office)

Matt:    Hi, Sara. I’m thinking of going to Thailand. Didn’t you go there last summer?

Sara:   I did! I loved it.

Matt:     Tell me about it.

Sara:   I spent all my time in Bangkok.

Matt:    What did you do first?

Sara:   I visited a floating market.

Matt:    What’s that?

Sara:   It’s like a morning market but on boats! I bought lots of things.

Matt:    That sounds pretty cool.


Conversation B

Sara: I also visited the Grand Palace.

Matt: Does the king live there?

Sara: Not anymore. But Thai kings lived there for 150 years. It’s beautiful.

Matt: I’ll have to go there when I visit Bangkok.

Sara: I also tasted some local dishes.

Matt: Isn’t Thai food kind of spicy?

Sara: Some of it is.

Matt: Did you enjoy the food?

Sara: Yes! It was delicious.



1. What did Sara do first in Bangkok?

2. Would you like to visit Bangkok? Why or why not?