Sample Lesson
Beautiful New Zealand
Manya Cramer

In New Zealand, you can see beauty everywhere. Its scenery is amazing! Besides beautiful scenery, New Zealand also has some unique animals. One of them is the kiwi bird. It is round and brown and cannot fly. The kiwi fruit gets its name from this bird. And people from New Zealand are called Kiwis.

  For city sights, walk around the capital, Wellington, and stop by the museums. Spend some time in Auckland. Enjoy its markets and lovely parks.

  There is so much to see in beautiful New Zealand!


Find It

What does Susie want to see in New Zealand?


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Susie:         James, look at these pictures of New Zealand. My friend texted them to me.

James:    Wow, you can really see the beauty of New Zealand.

Susie:     I’d love to go there.

James:    Me, too. I want to see the beautiful sights.

Susie:         I want to see kiwi birds.

James:    Kiwi birds? Are they named after the fruit?

Susie:     No. The fruit gets its name from these unique birds.


Conversation B

James:    There are many interesting birds in New Zealand.

Susie:     There are. Besides birds, there are also lots of whales and dolphins.

James:       There must be all kinds of animals everywhere.

Susie:         It sounds like it. If we go there one day, we’ll see.

James:    Does your friend live in New Zealand?

Susie:     Yes, he does.

James:    He would probably be a great guide.

Susie:     He would!



1. Where does Susie’s friend live?

2. What would you like to see in New Zealand?