Sample Lesson
Who Wants Yogurt?
Maria Chiu

Yogurt is a delicious food. It can be healthy for you, too! Yogurt is a milk product. So it’s good for your teeth and bones. It is also good for your skin. You can eat yogurt for breakfast. It is good with cereal. Are you hungry? Eat yogurt for a snack. There are lots of delicious yogurt flavors. Many people like strawberry and peach. Other people like lemon. What flavor do you like?


Find It

What is James eating?


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Julie:    Hi, James. What are you eating?

James: Some yogurt. I was hungry.

Julie:    That’s a good snack.

James: I know. I eat the kind with low sugar.

Julie:    Great. Milk products are good for you. Too much sugar is not.

James: I know. I drink milk a lot, too.

Julie:    That’s great. Milk is good for your teeth and bones.

James: And so is yogurt.


Conversation B

Julie:    Yogurt is also good for your skin.

James: Really? Do you eat it or put it on your face?

Julie:    You can do both. But I eat it. I often have yogurt with my cereal for breakfast.

James: What flavor do you like?

Julie:    I like lemon.

James: Lemon isn’t bad. But it’s not my favorite.

Julie:    What’s your favorite flavor?

James: I like strawberry.



1. What does Julie often have for breakfast?

2. What milk products do you like?