Sample Lesson
All About Oceans
Maria Chiu

  Oceans are huge bodies of water. They cover over 70 percent of the earth. There are five oceans in the world: the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean. The oceans are home to all sorts of animals including whales, fish, dolphins and more! You can also find beautiful corals in the ocean. Corals look like plants, but they are actually animals. They form reefs. These provide food and living space for about 25 percent of the world’s fish!


Find It

What is interesting about corals?


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Susie:    Hey, Sam. What are you watching?

Sam:      I’m watching an interesting YouTube video about the ocean.

Susie:    Which ocean? There are five of them on the earth, you know.

Sam:      It’s about the Pacific Ocean and the many kinds of animals in it.

Susie:    The Pacific is home to all sorts of animals.

Sam:      I know. There are dolphins, fish and whales, just to name a few.


Conversation B   

Susie:    The plants in the Pacific Ocean are very interesting, too.   

Sam:      So are the corals. They look like plants, but they’re really animals.

Susie:    They look like gardens in the ocean when they form reefs

Sam:     Yes. In this video, I can see them moving in the water.

Susie:    These reefs provide food and living space for about 25 percent of the world’s fish! 

Sam:      That is amazing!



1. What do reefs provide for fish?

2. What is your favorite ocean animal? Why?