Sample Lesson
Famous People
Ruth Devlin

Do you know any famous people? You may not, but you probably know a lot about famous people. You may read about them online or in magazines or see them on TV. People can be famous for many reasons. They may be sports stars, movie stars or singers. Some business people are famous, and so are some world leaders. You may admire some famous people. There are many reasons. They may do great things, or they may be very talented. You may even want to be like them.


Find It

Why are some actors famous?


Conversation A

(in the office)

Matt:     Hey, Megan, what are you reading about?

Megan: Movie stars. It is fun to read about their lives.

Matt:    Do you admire them?

Megan: Not really. Some of them are talented. But they sometimes do strange things.

Matt:    That’s true. But we like to read about famous people.

Megan: Yes. So there is always news about them on TV, in magazines or online.


Conversation B

Matt:    People are famous for many reasons.

Megan: Yes. Some actors are famous because people like their movies.

Matt:    Some business people are famous. They invent amazing things.

Megan: Some famous people make a lot of money. Some of them help others with it.

Matt:    That’s a good thing.

Megan: Some world leaders are famous, too. They have a hard job!

Matt:    They do. I wouldn’t want their job!



1. What is Megan reading about?

2. Who do you admire? Why?