Sample Lesson
Let's Go Camping!
Ruth Devlin

Camping is a fun activity. When you camp, you go away from the city. You have an adventure in nature. You can relax and enjoy fresh air. You can camp in the mountains, in a forest or near a lake. There are so many beautiful places to camp! You can hear the sounds of nature and maybe see wildlife. At night you can enjoy the stars. When you camp, you can sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent. You can also sleep in an RV.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Susie:  What are you going to do this weekend, Megan?

Megan: My family and I are going camping near Black Lake.

Susie:  Great! Camping is a fun activity.

Megan: Yes, it is. It’s nice to go away from the city.

Susie:  You can have an adventure in nature.

Megan: That’s right! My son loves that.

Susie:  You can enjoy fresh air.

Megan: I really like that!


Conversation B

Susie:   Maybe you’ll see some wildlife.

Megan: I hope so. That’s always fun.

Susie:  And at night, you can see all the stars.

Megan: Yes! You can’t see them very well in the city.

Susie:  Do you sleep in a tent when you camp? Or do you have an RV?

Megan: We sleep in a tent with our sleeping bags. That’s the best way to camp.



1. What can Megan do at night?

2. Do you like to camp? Why or why not?