Sample Lesson
Using a Bank
Maria Chiu

Banks are a safe place to keep your money. A bank is a good place to save your money, too. To save money in a bank, you must open an account. The money stays in your account until you take it out. Your money can also earn interest in the bank. When you need money, you can take it out of your account. You can get cash at a bank or an ATM. Your account also has a debit card. When you buy things with it, the money comes from your account.


Find It

Why is having a debit card nice?


Conversation A  

(in the studio)

James:  Where are you going now, Matt?

Matt:      To the bank. I have to take some money out of my account.

James:  Is the bank still open?

Matt:     No, but I’m not going into the bank. I’m using the ATM outside.

James:  An ATM is so convenient.

Matt:      I know, right? I can take out or put in money at any time of the day.


Conversation B

James:  Banks don't just keep your money safe. They can pay you interest on your money.

Matt:      Yes. Your money can earn a little money for you. How good is that!

James:  Having a debit card is nice, too. I don't need cash to buy things. I just need my card.

Matt:      You’re right. Well, I'm going to the ATM now because I do need some cash.


1. What can Matt do with the ATM?

2. What do you go to the bank for?