Sample Lesson
2022 World Cup
Maria Chiu

Which country is going to win the 2022 World Cup? Will it be Brazil? Brazil is very good at soccer. But their last World Cup win was 20 years ago. Maybe France will win again. France won the last World Cup in 2018. 

  Most of the world calls the World Cup sport football. But Americans call it soccer. The World Cup is a very important competition to many people. Billions of people watch the games on TV. Others travel to the games to watch them.


Find It 

When did Brazil last win the World Cup? 


Conversation A 

(in the Jungle Café) 

Matt:      Julie, are you watching any 2022 World Cup games? 

Julie:      Yes. I try to watch many games.  

Matt:      Me, too. Billions of people from many different countries watch the World Cup on TV.  

Julie:      Too bad we can’t be at the games.  

Matt:      Yeah. That would be so much fun!  

Julie:      Do you watch the games with your friends?  

Matt:      Yes. It’s more fun to watch with friends. 


Conversation B 

Julie:      Which team do you want to win?   

Matt:      I want Brazil to win. They last won the World Cup 20 years ago!  

Julie:      That's hard to believe. Brazil is so good at soccer. 

Matt:      Or football. Most of the world calls it that.  

Julie:      I know. In the World Cup, football and soccer are the same sport.    

Matt:      Yeah. But Americans call the sport soccer.  




1. What does most of the world call this World Cup sport? 

2. Do you watch the World Cup games? Why or why not?