Sample Lesson
What Do You Do With Baby Teeth?
Ruth Devlin

  When children lose their baby teeth, they are excited. In different countries, kids do different things with their baby teeth. Children in Brazil throw their baby teeth on the roof or give them to the birds. They ask the bird to bring them strong new teeth. In Turkey, people bury baby teeth. They choose special places to help their children in the future. For example, the parents may want their child to become a successful soccer player. So they bury the tooth in a soccer field.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

James: Hi, Susie. Why are you smiling?

Susie:   Earlier a little boy over there lost a tooth. He was quite happy.

James: Kids are excited when they lose a tooth.

Susie:  What did you do when you lost a baby tooth?

James: I threw mine on the roof.

Susie:  Really? Why did you do that?

James: I don’t really know. But it is a fun tradition in Taiwan.


Conversation B

Susie:  Are there other fun traditions?

James: Sure. In Brazil, children give their baby teeth to birds.

Susie:  Why?

James: They want the birds to bring them strong new teeth.

Susie:  Interesting.

James: And in Turkey, parents bury baby teeth to help their children’s future.

Susie:  Really?

James: Yes. Maybe they want their child to be a successful soccer player. Then they bury the tooth in a soccer field.



1. Why do children in Brazil give their baby teeth to birds?

2. What did you do with your baby teeth?