Sample Lesson
Christmas Traditions
Manya Cramer

  Merry Christmas! Many people around the world love this special holiday. Families celebrate it with different traditions. Many families decorate a Christmas tree together. They put colorful lights and ornaments on it. They often put a star at the top. Some send Christmas cards to friends and family. Other families bake special Christmas cookies, watch holiday movies or play games together. On Christmas Eve, many also go to church. There, they celebrate Jesus’ birthday.


Find It

Where does James go on Christmas Eve?


Conversation A

(on the street)

Susie:   Merry Christmas, James!

James: Merry Christmas, Susie! Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Susie:   I love it, too. It’s Jesus birthday. We can celebrate!

James: I know. We always go to church on Christmas Eve.

Susie:   So do I. I enjoy that, especially the music!

James: Me, too. But I can’t sing very well.

Susie:   That’s OK. Many people can’t sing well.


Conversation B

James: I enjoy my family’s Christmas traditions, too.

Susie:   What do you do?

James: We decorate a Christmas tree together.

Susie:   That’s lovely.

James: My mom collects unique ornaments. So we put those on the tree.

Susie:   Do you also put lights on the tree? And a star at the top?

James: We do!

Susie:   I have to go now. Enjoy Christmas with your family!

James: Thank you, Susie!



1. What is James’ family Christmas tradition?

2. What traditions does your family have?