Sample Lesson
Celebrating Birthdays
Manya Cramer

  There are many ways to celebrate a birthday. Eating birthday cake is one common way. In Australia, kids eat fairy bread on their birthdays. Fairy bread is a slice of bread with butter and rainbow sprinkles on it. In China, people eat long-life noodles or chang shou mian. On their birthdays, children in Mexico hit a piñata. When it breaks, candy falls out for everyone to take. In some countries, friends or family pull the birthday boy or girl’s ears. This is a wish for a happy life.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

James: Hey, Susie. What are you doing?

Susie:  I’m making fairy bread.

James: What’s that?

Susie:  It’s bread with butter and sprinkles. Kids in Australia eat it on their birthdays.

James: Oh. Why are you making it?

Susie:  I just want to taste it. Do you want to try?

James: No, thanks. I prefer birthday cake. In Chinese culture, people often eat noodles called chang shou mian on their birthdays.


Conversation B

Susie:  Why do they do that?

James: The noodles are long. So people eat them and hope for a long life.

Susie:  Interesting. In some countries, people pull the ears of the birthday boy or girl. It’s a wish for a happy life.

James: Thats fun.

Susie:  And in Mexico, kids hit a piñata. When it breaks, the candy inside falls out.

James: There are many fun ways to celebrate a birthday.



1. What do kids eat in Australia on their birthdays?

2. How do you celebrate your birthday?