Sample Lesson
Moms Are Great!
Maria Chiu

Mothers have an important role in the family. Some mothers stay at home to take care of their husbands and children. They wash clothes, cook meals, and keep the house clean. Other mothers go out to work. But both kinds of mothers are wonderful and hardworking.

  Mothers love their children. They comfort their children when they cry. They forgive their children when they make mistakes. And they cheer their children up when they are unhappy. No wonder moms are so great!


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Why is Susie tired?


Conversation A

(in the studio)   

James: Susie, you look a little tired today.

Susie:   Actually, I feel very tired.

James: Why are you so tired?

Susie:   I took care of my friend’s three children for a few days.  

James: No wonder!

Susie:   I had to cook meals and wash clothes every day. 

James: Was it hard to keep the house clean?

Susie:   Yes! The children’s toys were all over the house.  


Conversation B

James: Being a mom is hard work.

Susie:   That’s for sure. I put them in bed and read them stories.

James: That’s fun.

Susie:  But getting them to sleep wasn’t easy. They missed their mom.

James: Did they cry?

Susie:  A few times. I had to comfort them.

James: Did you cheer them up?

Susie: Yes, we had a good time. But I was glad when their mom came home!



1. What did Susie do when the children cried?

2. Do you like taking care of children? Why or why not?