Sample Lesson
Visit Vancouver
Ruth Devlin

When you travel, do you go to the mountains or the ocean? If you can’t decide, visit Vancouver, Canada. It has both! That means you can ski and swim on the same day.

  Water surrounds Vancouver on three sides. You can swim and enjoy the sun at one of the city’s eight beaches.

  Grouse Mountain is just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver. It offers skiing and snowboarding in winter. You can enjoy different activities at other times of the year.

  Vancouver is a great place to visit.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

James: Where are you going for your vacation this summer, Taylor?

Taylor:  I’m going to visit Vancouver, Canada. I’m so excited!

James: Why did you choose Vancouver?

Taylor:  Because it has both mountains and ocean. I love to hike, and I love to swim.

James: It must be a beautiful place.

Taylor:  It is. Water surrounds Vancouver on three sides. I’m going to swim every day!


Conversation B

James: Does the city have beaches?

Taylor:  Yes. It has eight of them!

James: That’s a lot. Will they be crowded in summer?

Taylor:  They may be, but that’s OK. I don’t mind.

James: How about the mountains? Are they far from the city?

Taylor:  No. Grouse Mountain is only 15 minutes from the downtown area.

James: And you can hike there?

Taylor:  Yes. It offers other fun activities, too.



  1. 1. Are the mountains far from the city of Vancouver?

2. Which do you like better, the mountains or the ocean?