Sample Lesson
Summer Desserts
Manya Cramer

What is your favorite summer dessert? Many people love ice cream. Eating ice cream feels nice and cool in hot weather. There are so many yummy flavors! Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are traditional favorites. But there are many more flavors. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

  Shaved ice or snow ice is also a cool summer treat. You can add fruit, nuts, beans and more to it. Delicious! You can share shaved ice with a friend. That’s fun, too.


Conversation A

(in the office)

Matt:    Hey, Susie. Are you thinking about something?

Susie:  Oh, yes. I’m thinking about shaved ice.

Matt:    Mmm, shaved ice! Yummy!

Susie:  What do you like to put on your shaved ice?

Matt:    Everything! I like to add fruit, nuts and beans. How about you?

Susie:  I like strawberry shaved ice with nuts.

Matt:    Let’s go get shaved ice after work.


Conversation B

Susie:  The shaved ice store is closed today.

Matt:    Really? But the weather is so hot! It’s perfect for shaved ice.

Susie:  I know. It’s too bad.

Matt:    Then let’s go get ice cream!

Susie:  Good idea! There are so many yummy flavors. What’s your favorite?

Matt:    I like traditional flavors. Vanilla is my favorite.

Susie:  I like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. So I’ll get all three!



1. What does Susie like her shaved ice with?

2. What is your favorite summer dessert?