Sample Lesson
At the Library
Ellen Lie

January 5 – Medium

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  There are lots of things to do at the library*. Rob and Susie volunteer at the library. Rob teaches a class on job interviews*. He gives good tips*. He invites Linda to visit his class. Susie tutors high school students. She also helps them with their homework*. Maybe Taylor can join the tutoring program*, too.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Linda:   Good morning, Rob!

Rob:     Hi, Linda.

Linda:   What are you doing?

Rob:     I’m preparing for my class at the library*.

Linda:   Are you taking a class about books?

Rob:     No. I’m teaching a class on job interviews*.

Linda:   That’s great. You can give them some good tips*.

Rob:     I try to. The class is tomorrow. You should come visit.

Linda:   Sure.


Conversation B

(in the office)

Taylor:  Hi, Susie!

Susie:   Hello, Taylor.

Taylor:  Are you busy after work?

Susie:   Yes. I’m volunteering at the library.

Taylor:  Oh? What do you do?

Susie:   I tutor high school students and help them with their homework*.

Taylor:  How many students do you tutor?

Susie:   I tutor three students a week.

Taylor:  Do they need more tutors? Maybe I can join the tutoring program*, too.

Susie:   You should sign up!



  1. How many students does Susie tutor?

What do you do at the library? Share with someone.

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