Sample Lesson
Water Safety
Ruth Devlin

In summer, it’s fun to cool off in the water. You can swim and play with family and friends. When you want to swim, always go to a place with a lifeguard. Lifeguards watch swimmers and protect them. Don’t choose a place far away from everything. If an accident happens, help cannot get to you quickly

  Does everyone in your family know how to swim? If they don’t, they should learn! If people learn to swim early, it will be better.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Tina:    What are you doing this weekend, James?

James: It will be hot. So I’m going to the lake to cool off.

Tina:    Will you swim at a place with a lifeguard?

James: Probably. Lifeguards help swimmers stay safe.

Tina:    That’s right. When did you learn to swim?

James: I learned when I was about 4 years old.

Tina:    Good for you. If you learn to swim early, it will be better.


Conversation B

James: I know a great place to play in the water at the lake. It’s far away from everything. Not many people know about it.

Tina:    But there’s no lifeguard there, right? I wouldn’t choose to swim there.

James: Yeah, it’s probably not a good idea to swim there. If an accident happens, help can’t get there quickly.

Tina:    When there is an accident, you want help right away!



1. What does James know?

2. Can you swim?