Sample Lesson
Music Stores
Manya Cramer

April 12 – Low

  You can find all kinds of musical instruments at a music store. The staff at the music store can help you. They can tell you about an instrument. They know about flutes, violins, guitars and more. Can you learn an instrument? Sure! You can often take lessons at a music store. Music teachers go there to teach. That’s great for beginners. Music stores can fix instruments, too.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Matt:    Hi, Megan. Is that your guitar?

Megan: Yes. I was just at Jeff’s Music Store.

Matt:    That’s a great music store.

Megan: It is. They have many instruments there. They have flutes, violins, guitars and more.

Matt:    And the staff is so helpful.

Megan: Yes. They can fix instruments, too.

Matt:    I know. That’s great.


Conversation B

Matt:    Do you visit Jeff’s Music Store often?

Megan: Yes. I am taking a guitar class there.

Matt:    Oh! Can you play many songs on the guitar?

Megan: Not yet. I am still a beginner.

Matt:    That’s OK. A guitar is a great instrument.

Megan: Do you play a musical instrument?

Matt:    I do. I play the guitar, too. But I don’t play very well!



1. What instruments does Jeff’s music store have?

2. Do you play an instrument?