Sample Lesson
Let's Go to the Market!
Ruth Devlin

May 11

  At a flower market, you can find many kinds of flowers and plants. There are many colors of roses, beautiful orchids and more. You can buy green plants for your house. You can also find new pots to put them in.

  At a farmers’ market, there are many kinds of fruits and vegetables. You can also buy many other products. People make sweaters or clothes to sell. People sell homemade soaps and jams, too. You can buy homemade bread and pies, too. What kind of markets do you like?


Conversation A

(in a farmers’ market)

Matt:    Thanks for coming to the farmers’ market with me.

Susie:  Sure! I love farmers’ markets. What do you want to buy?

Matt:    I want to look around at all the products.

Susie:  I want to look at the sweaters and clothes. And I might buy some homemade jam.

Matt:    I might buy a pie.

Susie:  Yum. Oh, I smell homemade soap.

Matt:    Me, too. It always smells nice. 


Conversation B 

Matt:    I want to go to the flower market today, too. I need a new pot for one of my plants.

Susie:  You’ll find a nice one at the flower market.

Matt:     I hope so.

Susie:  I love the flower market! I like to look at the orchids.

Matt:    I like to look at all the roses.

Susie:  It’s fun to look at everything at the flower market.



1. What might Susie buy at the farmers’ market?

2. Do you like to go to the flower market? Why or why not?