Sample Lesson
A Big Storm
Ruth Devlin

Weather can be good, and weather can be bad. Most people don’t like bad weather. A storm brings bad weather. There is often heavy rain and wind. Some storms bring thunder and lightning, too. When storms are very strong, they can be dangerous.

  Storms can cause floods. Floods happen when there is too much water. The water covers the land. Sometimes a flood is a few centimeters of water. Other times, it can cover a house!


Conversation A

(in the studio)

Tina:          Wow. Matt, listen to the wind outside!

Matt:          Yes. It’s really strong. A big storm is coming.

Tina:          The big storm is already here!

Matt:          Maybe we’ll get some thunder and lightning.

Tina:          I hope not. I don’t like thunder and lightning.

Matt:          I don’t mind them. But this storm might bring heavy rain.

Tina:          Then we’ll get really wet when we go home!


Conversation B

Matt:          The question is, will there be floods?

Tina:          I hope not. But if it rains too much, there might be a flood.

Matt:          The river next to the park is getting bigger.

Tina:          I know. A flood can be a few centimeters of water.

Matt:          But some can cover houses. And you need a boat to go down the street!

Tina:          That won’t happen here . . . I hope.



1. What is Tina listening to?

2. Do you like storms? Why or why not?