Sample Lesson
It's Time for Summer Vacation!
Ruth Devlin

Students look forward to summer vacation. Then they can do something besides schoolwork. Summer vacation is often eight or nine weeks, but it can be longer or shorter. What do students do during their vacation? Some travel. They go to places in their own country or abroad. They may go to the beach, visit the mountains or see the sights of a big city. Some go to see relatives.

  Other students just enjoy taking it easy. They sleep late, watch TV and spend time with their friends.


Find It

What did Susie enjoy during summer vacation?


Conversation A

(in the office)

Susie:  Isn’t it a beautiful day today, Matt? Summer is my favorite time of year.

Matt:    Mine, too. When I was a student, I really looked forward to summer vacation.

Susie:  Me, too! I could do something besides schoolwork! I could have fun!

Matt:    Right! I always had a lot of fun during summer vacation.

Susie:  So did I! I enjoyed taking it easy.


Conversation B

Matt:    During summer vacation, I slept late, watched TV and spent time with my


Susie:  So did I. Did you ever travel?

Matt:    Sometimes. My family traveled to visit relatives a few times. And one

          summer we traveled abroad.

Susie:  How fun! Where did you go?

Matt:    To some big cities in Europe.

Susie:  That sounds so fun!

Matt:    It really was!



1. What did Matt do during summer vacation?

2. What do you do during summer vacation?