Sample Lesson
Afterschool Activities
Manya Cramer

Students study hard at school. But many also enjoy afterschool activities. Some students play sports. They may play baseball or basketball. Some students enjoy music. They sing or play an instrument. Some students like the arts. They act on stage or paint pictures. Students can join clubs, too. Students can join the chess club, a language club, a science club and more. Afterschool activities are fun and good for students.


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Greg:   Hey, Megan! How are you?

Megan: Great! Look at this picture. I’m a proud aunt!

Greg:   Who’s this?

Megan: My big sister’s son. His name is Kevin.

Greg:    What is he doing?

Megan: Kevin is singing and acting in a show.

Greg:   That’s cool! And you’re proud of him. How old is he?

Megan: Hes 14. He’s in a drama club.


Conversation B

Greg:   So he likes the arts?

Megan: Yes. He likes sports, too. He plays basketball and baseball.

Greg:   Wow, Kevin is busy!

Megan: He sure is! He has many afterschool activities. He’s also in the chess club.

Greg:   Does he ever feel tired?

Megan: No, he loves all of his activities!

Greg:    Does he love homework?

Megan: Not really. But he’s a good student.



1. How old is Kevin?

2. What afterschool activities do you do?